A Team Effort for an Individual Achievement

Last summer I was coming off of a season of my life that was consumed with strength training and rucking, culminating with the completion of a GORUCK “Heavy Heavy” event. I decided to transition my focus into cardio and running and I set the arbitrary (and unknowingly ambitious) goal of running a 5K race in under twenty minutes, which works out to about a 6:26 pace per mile.

I went into the effort not really aware of how difficult a target I’d set for myself; I truly believed that with a little solo running, I would be able to achieve my sub-20 5K and then move on to whatever I wanted to do next.

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Joshua Gandy
Leading with Character

During my years at the U. S. Naval Academy I was immersed in a demanding, 4-year course of study on what it takes to be a good leader – competence as a warrior, mental and physical readiness, planning, delegating, time management, goal-setting, etc.  But when I look back at those years and recall the lectures and discussions led by the most senior leaders – those Admirals, Generals and other old-timers who had the most experience and wisdom in the crucible of upper-level leadership – I recall that they all maintained a laser-like focus on one trait… character.  

To be honest, back then I didn’t really understand this senior-leadership infatuation with character.  I guess in my young mind I held the mistaken notion that the “best” person in any given endeavor – i.e. the most competent - would/should become the leader.  

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Rob Cannon
In Defense of Toxics

When we talk about organizational leadership, which we will be doing quite a bit this year, we like to talk about how most people within any given organization can be bucketed into three groups or types:

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Tim Whitmire
Something To Believe In

My job took me to Philadelphia last week. I had two reasons for being reluctant to go. The first one is that (unless I’m going skiing) I don’t voluntarily travel north of Kernersville, North Carolina between November and April. Unfortunately, I had no choice. But as it turned out, some weird meteorological inversion caused it to be warmer there than in Charlotte, with less snow on the ground. Sometimes you don’t get what you expect.  

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Dave Redding
3 Marathons in 3 Months: Staying Ready for the Unexpected

Sometime in 2016, I decided to run my first marathon. I put my name in the lottery for the Chicago Marathon, and I got in on my first try. Which is basically unheard of. Well, then I was injured and had to defer a year. So I was all set to run my first marathon in October of 2017. Great!

In December of 2016, the Kiawah Marathon was running a special for their 40th Anniversary. $40 registration for the 2017 marathon. What a deal -- I had to sign-up!

In January of 2017, I volunteered at the Harbison 50K Ultramarathon. I got the ultramarathon bug, as many call it. And all of a sudden I was signed-up for the 2018 Harbison 50k Ultramarathon.

So let’s recap. I was set to run 3 marathons in 3 months. What. Did. I. Do?!

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Sabrina Gandy
AAR: Ironclad Leadership Experience

As we close the first week of the year, The Iron Project is proud to announce that we’ve already accomplished one of our 2018 goals. On January 2 we conducted the inaugural Ironclad Leadership Experience at Kings Mountain National Military Park.

After Action Report (AAR)

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Rob Cannon