A Vision Expanded

As I’ve written elsewhere, when we started the movement that became F3 Nation on 1/1/11, it was with a simple vision: Give It Away.

“It” was a model of gathering men for free, early-morning group workouts, led by different members of the group, that my friend Dave Redding and I had discovered at Freedom Park in Charlotte, N.C.

In the more than six years since that first F3 workout, we have expanded to 20 states, more than 1,100 workouts a week and some 16,000 members completely by virtue of men following that same vision and being willing to pass along what was given to them.

Using that same model, Females in Action (FiA) has spread to 7 states since its beginning in 2013, often right alongside F3.

Along the way, we – as leaders of F3 and FiA – discovered what I often refer to as our “dirty little secret”: what looks like “just a workout” is actually a machine for attracting, developing and raising up leaders. That’s why, when Dave and I self-published a book about F3 a few years ago, we titled it, “Freed to Lead.”

The Iron Project is an evolution of that vision: We are a forge for organizational leadership development, using the principles learned inside F3 and FiA to help other organizations – corporations, non-profits, faith communities, athletic teams -- build self-sustaining leadership machines.

We want to work with you and your team on events, training sessions, strategy sessions and one-on- one coaching – any way we and you can think of to help your organization be more dynamic, responsive and purposeful in your growth and leadership.

We teach in simple, straightforward lessons and anecdotes from our own lives, reinforced by some level of movement and engagement with the physical world – because we find that even the best-taught lessons somehow stick a little better when they’ve got some muscle memory associated with them.

We engage your team, make them laugh and think not just about work but about all the places in their lives where they need to lead. And we leave them with straightforward, memorable takeaways.

While our services are not free, we believe TIP offers a significant value proposition in comparison to other leadership development firms with which you might do business. All our services are customized – we don’t believe in leasing you a pre-fabricated leadership framework for a day, a week or a year, but in working within your organizational culture to build a leadership machine on the foundation that already exists.

Please look around the site, check out our offerings and reach out for an exploratory conversation.

We started this business because in our efforts on behalf of F3 and FiA, we have sharpened each other “as iron sharpens iron.”

We would love the chance to show you how to do the same in your organization!