An Ironclad Cure for a Bad Case of "The Tuesdays"

Here is a reliable prediction: In just over a month, the action and excitement of the holiday season -- along with the entirety of 2017 -- will be in our collective rear view mirror.   We will have enjoyed a long weekend to ring in the New Year at the stroke of midnight on a Monday morning, and we will be staring Tuesday, January 2, 2018, square in the face.  How will you and your family start your year?  You could go into the office.  It’ll probably be a laid-back day.  Your kids, still home from school, could chill out … all day… again.   

Or you could take a few hours to start your year with The Iron Project’s Ironclad Leadership Experience at King’s Mountain. We’re going to have some outside activity, learn some history and leadership, and have fun while we’re doing it!

In the fall of 1780, about 2,000 American frontiersman from the Carolinas and Virginia backcountry and from the present-day states of Kentucky and Tennessee surrounded and defeated Major Patrick Ferguson and his force of approximately 1,000 British loyalists at King’s Mountain to turn the tide of the American War for Independence.  The significance of this American victory was noted by the British Commander-in-Chief Sir Henry Clinton who wrote that this battle “proved to be the first Link of a Chain of Evils that followed each other in regular succession until at last they ended in the total loss of America.”

It is important to remember that in the Battle of King’s Mountain, ALL the soldiers on BOTH sides (with the exception of Ferguson himself) were Americans. The war in America was – at its foundation – a very complex battle for the hearts and minds of the Americans. Ultimately, the leaders on both sides engaged in an ongoing battle of VAPE leadership -- casting a Vision for America’s future, Articulating those competing visions of loyalty vs. independence to the populace, Persuading the Americans to one side or the other; and Exhorting them to victory. It was Persuasion, though, that played the pivotal role -- and where we find valuable lessons for the modern leader. How can you win hearts and minds in the challenges you’ll face in 2018?

In the course of the morning we will explore the role VAPE played in the run up to the battle, the battle itself, the command relationships and structure on both sides, and how a sua sponte mindset affected the outcome. The format is a facilitated discussion where we will share our ideas and learn from one another.  

So, rather than start your year with a day at the back-from-vacation office or enjoying another day of “screen time” on the sofa, kick off 2018 as a  student of Ironclad Leadership. Here’s the sign-up link to make your Hard Commitment:

"In history, a great volume is unrolled for our instruction, drawing the materials of future wisdom from the past errors and infirmities of mankind."  - Edmund Burke

Rob Cannon