GrowRuck: Not Just For Guys

So far, The Iron Project has staged five GrowRuck events, all of them male-only, for F3 groups. That changes on January 19, 2018, when TIP and the ladies of FiA Greenville, NC, will host the first all-female GrowRuck. (Thank you to Erin Perkins, FiA Hot Wheels, for all of your hard work to make this a reality!)

As we were getting the word out about this particular GrowRuck, I received a message from FiA Johnson City, asking if they could join the fun (the answer: of course!). When I went to look up their Twitter account, I found this as their header:

empowered women


This is what happens during a GrowRuck weekend. GrowRuck breaks boundaries with social time, where all regions come together. GrowRuck teaches how to invest in FiA, our communities, our jobs, and our families through a teaching session. GrowRuck builds unbreakable bonds by completing a GORUCK event together as a team, instead of as individuals. GrowRuck teaches us that the strongest women are the ones helping out a teammate, not the ones in the front like society would teach us.

As women, we tend to be hard on other women. I believe there are many reasons for this, but that isn’t the point. The point is that FiA, The Iron Project, and GrowRuck are breaking that mold. We are showing the world that a group of women that works together is unstoppable and that a mentality of inclusivity and empowerment can transfer from FiA workouts to GrowRuck events to all areas of our lives. We become the example of strong women who lift up other women.

I’m honored and excited to be part of the first all-female GrowRuck. I’ve seen this event change men’s lives and now, it’s our turn! Let’s spend a couple days getting to know each other, learning from one another and getting stronger -- together. If you are free the weekend of January 19, I’ll see you in Greenville, NC for GrowRuck 06!

More information: or join our Facebook group.

Sabrina Gandy