No More Nodding Off

I’m the student you remember from school: Every time a teacher or professor asked for questions or thoughts, I had my hand in the air. As my husband likes to say, I’m the person who “always has a comment.”

So when I got into the work world and was sent to my first professional conference, I was beyond excited. I studied the schedule of keynotes and breakout sessions, plotting my itinerary. I was going to learn so much!

Then, reality. About halfway through the first session, I felt my eyes get droopy. I chugged some coffee. I had to stay awake and look alert! I was a professional -- I had to look attentive and professional to the presenter! But by the end of that first session, I felt as though the life had been sucked out of me. What had looked like an exciting adventure now stretched ahead as pure drudgery. I finished out the conference, but my passion was gone. I was just trying to get through it to say I had been there. Not a single thing stuck with me from that conference--and from subsequent conversations, I'm pretty sure I'm not the only professional who's had this experience...once, twice, even a thousand times.

What if there was another way?

The Iron Project believes there is a better model for professional learning. At TIP, we do not want just to teach you how to be leaders. We want to show you how to build a leadership machine inside your organization so that you and your team are constantly functioning at your highest capacity. So that every member of your team knows how to lead, in any situation.

We have a four primary ways we assist with construction of your leadership machine:

  • Spark: TIP offers team events that are fun and memorable and leave team members with actionable takeaways for their daily efforts.
  • Furnace: Our leaders can lead real-time whiteboard and other training sessions aimed at helping teams work through tough problems or launch a new initiative.
  • Test for Strength:"After Action Reviews" are part of all TIP offerings. We help facilitate the delivery of instant feedback for your team members who are asked to lead.
  • Sharpen: The Iron Project is structured to leave participants with a set of clear, memorable takeaways that are immediately relevant and applicable to all areas of their lives; work, home, and community.

Whether we plan an event that includes a group workout or simply classroom teaching, no one ever nods off during an Iron Project session! Our instructors engage the team with personal stories and real-life illustrations, and our sessions are structured to get everyone in the room up and moving around for demonstrations of our teaching points.

Contact The Iron Project today and let’s talk about how a leadership machine would work in your organization. It is different for every team and we make sure to cater our content to your needs.


Sabrina Gandy