Start 2018 with an Iron Project Ironclad Leadership Experience

As we have noted previously, TIP Ironclad Leadership Experiences are cast around enjoyable outings that provide leadership lessons drawn from important events in our history.

We would like to invite you start your new year with a half-day Ironclad outing on Tuesday, January 2, 2018. Just a short drive from uptown Charlotte, we will examine leadership lessons from the 1780 Battle of Kings Mountain.

By 1780, the War of American Independence had reached a stalemate in the north. Leaders on both sides of the conflict seemed to be in a never-ending struggle for the talent, resources, strategies and execution that would give them a decisive advantage (a challenge that probably seems familiar to any modern business leader).

British leaders shifted to a southern strategy. They intended to sweep through the southern colonies, gathering loyal troops and squeezing the rebellion to an end by cutting off the flow of vital resources from the region. This strategy brought the war to the “front steps” of a group of fierce Americans who until that point had been somewhat disengaged from the conflict. British leaders and the commanders of the American rebels now faced a series of leadership challenges that would determine the war’s final outcome.

England’s Southern Strategy energized a group of about a thousand frontier colonists whom history would remember as “the Over Mountain Men.” In September 1780, they began what we like to think of as “America’s First Ruck” -- a march from Sycamore Shoals, Virginia, to Kings Mountain, SC that would prove to be pivotal.

In our Ironclad Experience, we will examine how British and American leaders approached their missions in the summer and fall of 1780. How did the British communicate a vision to the frontier settlers whose loyalties were undecided? How did the Americans motivate militia members to march hundreds of miles over harsh terrain toward an unknown end? What role did Command & Control play in the fateful Battle of Kings Mountain? Along the way, we’ll link the lessons from Kings Mountain to present-day leadership challenges.

Here’s the schedule for the Kings Mountain Ironclad Leadership Experience:

  • 0730: Muster for a “Continental Congress” breakfast at our morning Headquarters in Charlotte’s NoDa neighborhood (3116 N. Davidson Street Suite 260).
  • 0800 - 0930: Setting the Stage: A discussion of the history and background leading to the Battle of Kings Mountain.
  • 0930 - 1030: Movement to Kings Mountain National Military Park via personal vehicle (the park is located near Exit 2 off Interstate 85).
  • 1030 - 1200: Battlefield leadership lessons. Rucks are encouraged.
  • Noon: After Action Review and FINEX

This Ironclad experience is appropriate for all hands who would enjoy a few hours of thought and discussion around history and leadership.  We encourage you to bring your students who may be getting a little bored at the end of their holiday vacations!  

Class tuition is $50 per person, which includes a continental breakfast of coffee, juice, fruit and donuts.  We will be offering a discount for students (class material and discussion are appropriate for mature middle-schoolers with a strong interest in history and for all high school/college age students).  

We hope you will join us to start your year with this Ironclad Experience! Please email with any questions or to reserve your spot. Registration will open Monday, October 16.

Edit: Registration is now open. Register here.

Rob Cannon