The Iron Project is a forge for organizational leadership development.

We provide all the services of a traditional leadership consultant: speaking, training, events, one-on-one coaching. Our overriding mission is to help you build a self-sustaining leadership machine inside your organization. Iron Project clients receive all of our insights and experience targeted at the singular goal of giving you a process for developing, testing, and empowering leaders.

We are the founders and leaders of F3 and FiA. Since 2011, these two volunteer-led organizations have spread free workouts for men and women to 20 states and hundreds of municipalities from coast to coast, transforming tens of thousands of lives in the process. They may look like “just another boot camp,” but F3 and FiA groups are actually leadership machines, catalyzing and reinvigorating their communities with a growth formula that emphasizes shared leadership, accountability and adaptability.  

At The Iron Project, our passion is helping you build that same kind of leadership machine inside your organization. Other leadership consultants let you lease their framework or way of thinking. Only The Iron Project leaves you with a process that you and your organization own.


The Iron Project Founders

Tim Whitmire


Tim Whitmire is a former journalist, primarily with the Associated Press, where he reported from Rhode Island, New York City, Kentucky and North Carolina. He also served in business development and executive roles for several financial services firms. He, his wife, and his three children live in Charlotte.

Dave Redding


Dave Redding practices law in Charlotte, North Carolina. From 1985 to 1994, he was an active-duty Army infantry and Special Forces Officer. He is a graduate of the Army Airborne School, Ranger School, Special Forces Qualification Course, and SERE. He is also a graduate of French Commando School. He has a wonderful wife and three lovely daughters to keep his testosterone in check.

Rob Cannon

"Gnarly Goat"

Rob Cannon is an officer for a major metropolitan fire department. He has served for more than twenty years as a leader on high performance teams in fast-moving, high-stakes environments. Prior to joining the fire service, Rob graduated from the U. S. Naval Academy and served as a naval officer in operations that ranged from counter-narcotic operations to disaster response during Hurricane Katrina. Rob has earned graduate degrees from the U. S. Naval War College and UNC-Charlotte.  He lives in Cornelius, NC with his wife and their 4 children.